Aztec Gold Powder Paint Pigment
Dry Candy Paint™


  • ​Pearlescent DryCandyPaint ™ Pigments that belong to the Ghost Flame Kit will shift to a hidden ghost color and will flip flop depending on the lighting!! These unique Ghost Pearl Pigments are perfect for airbrushing, Ghost Flames, or adding tint to a Candy Pearl Paint scheme!!  A custom candy paint job isn’t complete without a reliable and suitable clear coat to compliment and glamorize your car. 

* When sprayed over a Black Basecoat , the Ghost Pearl color will appear without any white appearance.

* After 2-3 coats the Ghost Flame color will begin to transform to "
Pearl White" and the true Color will appear and Flop at certain angles! any of the paints that are produced today require a clear coat to protect the paint from fading. The type of finish you decide also should be taken into consideration for scratch resistance as well as protection from color fading. 

25 Grams will create 1 Quart Of DRYCANDYPAINT® when added to 1 US Quart : ( 16 FL OZ ), of Automotive Clearcoat.

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  • Limited Time Only!!
  • Concentrated Dry Color Pigment that Shines True Ghost Candy Paint Finish at Different Angles
  • Great for Airbrush, Powder Coating Equipment and HVLP Guns
  • Effect Appears after Top Coat (Clear Gloss)
  • Solvent Resistant
  • Temperature Tolerance (400 Degrees F)
  • .04 for Ease of Use
  • Minimized Color Bleeding
  • It Can Be Mixed in All Types of Clear Automotive Paints