Aztec Gold Powder Paint Pigment
Dry Candy Paint™


  • Concentrated Dry Color Pigment that Shines True Ghost Candy Paint Finish at Different Angles
  • Great for Airbrush, Powder Coating Equipment and HVLP Guns
  • Effect Appears after Top Coat (Clear Gloss)
  • Solvent Resistant
  • Temperature Tolerance (400 Degrees F)
  • .04 for Ease of Use
  • Minimized Color Bleeding
  • It Can Be Mixed in All Types of Clear Automotive Paints
  • ​Pearlescent DryCandyPaint ™ Pigments that belong to the Ghost Flame Kit will shift to a hidden ghost color and will flip flop depending on the lighting!! These unique Ghost Pearl Pigments are perfect for airbrushing, Ghost Flames, or adding tint to a Candy Pearl Paint scheme!!  A custom candy paint job isn’t complete without a reliable and suitable clear coat to compliment and glamorize your car. 

25 Grams will create 1 Quart Of DRYCANDYPAINT® when added to 1 US Quart : ( 16 FL OZ ), of Automotive Clearcoat.

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  • Limited Time Only!!

* When sprayed over a Black Basecoat , the Ghost Pearl color will appear without any white appearance.

* After 2-3 coats the Ghost Flame color will begin to transform to "
Pearl White" and the true Color will appear and Flop at certain angles! any of the paints that are produced today require a clear coat to protect the paint from fading. The type of finish you decide also should be taken into consideration for scratch resistance as well as protection from color fading.