(Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Q. What Is DRYCANDYPAINT® Paint?

A. DRY CANDY PAINT - High Quality Dry Automotive Grade Pigments That bend the Sunlight to Create Depth and Luster for A Unique Finish.

​2. Q.Can DRYCANDYPAINT® be Used in a Powder Coat Application? 

A. Both DRY Metallics & DRY Candys can withstand Temperatures up to 400 Degrees Farenheit making Powder Coating Ideal.

3. Q. What is A Clearcoat?

A. A Glossy, Colorless, Transparent Solvent. Used to provide durability and Protection against: Harmful UV Light / The Environment / Abrasions

4. Q.What is a Intercoat?

A. A Fast Drying Clear Paint that is recommended for use with our Product. (Click here to Read More)

5. Q. What do you recommend for a base coat before the Dry Candy mixed with the clear is applied?

A. A solid black Basecoat is the Standard Recommendation, However it alternately depends on your desired effect. You can Choose different Silver and Gold Metallics, for A Unique Finish!